Student tickets

Discounted travel for Dundee's student population - available for those with a valid matriculation card.

A refreshed student ticket range is coming soon...

Smart Ways to Pay

  • Tap on with your contactless bank card or smartphone
  • Search ‘Xplore Dundee’ in your app store and save with mTickets (with annual ID verification)
  • Top-up a smartcard - it’s simple, speedy and secure
  • If you are paying with cash on the bus, there is an exact fare policy (which means our drivers cannot give change) for speed, simplicity and security

Single Journeys

Single fares on the bus are like a pay-as-you go option if you don’t travel often. Even occasional riders can still save money, though - just check out the SingleTrip Bundles.

Check out single tickets for adults (16+) from £1.90
UniHop £1.50

The UniHop is a special ticket which lets students travel one-way for £1.50 on services 5/5a | 6 | 17 | 22 anywhere between the City Centre and Ninewells Hospital (including the University of Dundee and halls of residence). Here's a handy map of the UniHop zone. Buy on the bus from the driver (or on the Xplore Dundee app).

The price of a regular single journey is calculated based on the distance you are travelling on one bus: Short Hops are valid for up to one fare stage, and Long Hops are valid for two or more fare stages. Buy on the bus from the driver (or in the Xplore Dundee app). Prices vary depending on your age bracket.

Special-rate single fares are charged on services 57a/59 | 73b | 137/138 | 139, as we operate them under Council contracts.

10-Trip Bundle

Buy now, travel later - and save up to £1 per journey.

mTicket or smartcard £13.00

A bundle of ‘tickets’ valid for one trip, one way (not restricted by distance).


All our buses, all day.

Paper ticket £3.60
mTicket £3.40

Valid for unlimited use until the last service on the date of purchase (or mTicket activation).


Let us be your designated driver.

Paper ticket or mTicket £3.20

Valid for unlimited use from 6pm until the last service on the date of purchase (or mTicket activation).


Travel together all day. Ideal for families or friends.

Paper ticket £9.60
mTicket £8.55

Valid for unlimited use by up to five people (travelling together) until the last service on the date of purchase (or mTicket activation).


Everywhere, every day.

Paper ticket £11.00
mTicket or smartcard £10.70

Valid for unlimited travel for seven consecutive days, beginning on the date of purchase (or mTicket activation).

StudentSaver Subscriptions

Best value unlimited travel with automatic subscription payments - exclusively in the app.

StudentSaver Basic (every week) £11.00
StudentSaver Standard (every four weeks) £40.00
StudentSaver Premium (every thirteen weeks) £125.00

Subscriptions are easy to set up, and can be cancelled at any time. This means they offer flexibility, convenience and savings. Subscribe today!

Student ID Policy

All students need to show their college or university matriculation card (which must include a photo and expiry date) when buying and using discounted tickets or mTickets on the bus. You can upload your ID and get verified in the app (this is an annual process which needs to be topped up for the start of a new academic year).

All tickets and prices valid with effect from Monday 25 April 2022