Get on with contactless

Female passenger with contactless card icon

The change you’ve been looking for

Bread. Butter. Bus tickets.

What do all these things have in common? They are daily essentials, and you can pay for them all with just a beep of your bank card. That means no need to dig out pennies from the depths of your purse. No more nipping to the shop to break a fiver before the bus comes. Because contactless is accepted on all our buses.

We can accept contactless payments from any Visa card or MasterCard (debit or credit), as well as Apple Pay or Google Pay on your smartphone.

You can still pay using cash on the bus (though our exact fare policy still applies, meaning our drivers cannot give change. This is for speed, simplicity and security).

How does it work?

Just like in shops, contactless is a swift and secure way to pay on the bus. It is really simple, too:

  1. Tell the driver which ticket you would like
  2. Place your card (or smartphone) on the reader, where you would usually scan a smartcard
  3. Wait for the beep, take your ticket and find a seat

If you are topping up a smartcard, the process is slightly different:

  1. Place your smartcard on the reader and tell the driver which top-up you would like
  2. Remove the smartcard and swap it with your bank card (or smartphone)
  3. Wait for the beep to signal successful payment and then swap to your smartcard again
  4. Wait for the second beep, take your receipt and find a seat

How much is a ticket?

Click here to find out which ticketing options are available in your category. There is bound to be one which works for you. Why not make the most of playing less?

Track your contactless history in the app!

From Monday 28 November 2022, you'll be able to track your spending (and savings) in the app when you pay on the bus using contactless. Simply download the app, login (or create an account), and then securely link up your bank card to view your history. Easy peasy!