Simplicity & security with a smartcard

Make your way the smart way with MyXplore.

Signing up for a smart-card gives you full flexibility, as you can choose whatever multi-journey product you like to load onto it - and it means you don’t have to worry about keeping track of withered paper tickets anymore.

Once you have your card, you can load it up on any of our buses or in the Travel Centre. Just place it on the ticket machine reader, tell the driver which product you’d like and take your top-up receipt. It’s smart, speedy and simple!

When your card is registered, you’re insured. That means you will never lose out on travel (even if you lose your card) because we’ll know how much you had left, and will be able to transfer it to a new one.

Young Scots and students can benefit from smart travel too. Young Scot products can only be loaded onto Young Scot cards (that way, your proof-of-age ID doubles up as a bus pass); visit to apply if you don't already have one.

Students have the choice of getting a MyXplore card, or using their matriculation card as a bus pass (if the card has a blue ‘ITSO’ logo on it). Either way, student ID is required for all journeys.

How much is a ticket?

Topping up a smartcard is cheaper than buying a paper ticket. Click here to find out which ticketing options are available in your category. There is bound to be one which works for you. Why not make the most of paying less?

Monthly Direct Debit

Get best value, unlimited travel with a monthly direct debit. You can sign up easily online. Once your account is set up, a bus pass is loaded onto a smartcard and remains valid for the life of the card (as long as your payment plan is kept up-to-date).

Any Questions?

Contact our Travel Centre by calling 01382 221601 or email [email protected].