2022 Fares Review

1 year ago Tue 5th Apr 2022

From Monday 25 April 2022, we're making some adjustments to the prices of bus tickets - but we'll still offer the best possible value so that you can keep spending as little as possible for unlimited travel.

What's happening - and why

Our fares have been frozen for more than two years now, meaning there's been no change to the prices you've paid since January 2020! To enable us to continue to cover the basic cost of running your service and meeting the higher fuel and electricity bills, and other increases in essential maintenance parts and equipment we have had to review that decision.

On top of normal running costs to keep the buses moving, we're also in the midst of a major fleet upgrade as Dundee prepares to introduce a Low Emission Zone in the City Centre. This includes the £7m recently invested in brand-new Electric Emeralds (with more zero-emission buses in the pipeline), plus bringing older vehicles up to modern standards with engine conversion technology. Lastly, an unfortunate consequence of worsening traffic congestion is a heavier cost to keep services running reliably. We're continually trying to improve the quality of the service we provide, which includes spending more money on more essential resources.

We've listed the changes to each ticket below. Don't forget: you can travel more and spend less in the long-run when you choose a multi-journey ticket. There's bound to be something in our flexible, unlimited travel range which suits your circumstances: whether you're out and about every day (in which case the monthly direct debit is best value for you), or you're still splitting your working life between home and the office (ideally matched with the convenient 5-DaySaver mTicket).

Tickets can be bought on the bus using cash or contactless, or downloaded in the app (just search 'Xplore' in your app store).

Young people in Scotland (aged 5-21) are eligible for free bus travel with a valid NEC card. If you haven't already, make sure to apply (either for yourself or on behalf of your child) so that your household budget can benefit from great financial savings! In the meantime, fares for children (aged 5-15) will be frozen at their current prices as the transition into the U22s continues. Young people (aged 16-21), however, will resume paying adult fares until their NEC card arrives.

List of new prices

Adults (aged 16+)

  Paper Ticket mTicket Smartcard
Short Hop £1.90    
Long Hop £2.45 £2.35  
5-Trip Bundle   £9.60  
10-Trip Bundle   £19.25 £19.25
DaySaver £4 £3.85 withdrawn
5-Day Bundle   £16.00  
EveningSaver £3.20 £3.20 withdrawn
GroupSaver £9.60 £8.55 withdrawn
WeekSaver £14.45 £14.45 £14.45
4-WeekSaver   £53 £53.00
Direct Debit     £47.00

Students (with valid ID)

  Paper Ticket mTicket Smartcard
UniHop £1.50 £1.50  
10-Trip Bundle   £13.90 £13.90
DaySaver £3.60 £3.40 withdrawn
WeekSaver £11.00 £10.70 £10.70