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Service Changes from 14 March 2022
1 year ago Fri 25th Feb 2022
We're ramping up recruitment and making some temporary timetable changes to improve reliability...
School Buses from 28 Feb 2022
1 year ago Fri 28th Jan 2022
From Monday 28 February 2022, a new set of routes will connect pupils to secondary schools across Dundee...
Journey through time: Our history and heritage
1 year ago Wed 17th Nov 2021
Did you know that 2021 marks the centenary of Dundee's first buses?...
Mission Zero
1 year ago Sat 30th Oct 2021
Our planet is precious. That's why we're on a journey to zero...
Upcoming Service Changes
1 year ago Fri 22nd Oct 2021
We're making a couple of tweaks to routes in our network from January 2022...
School Buses from 25 October
1 year ago Thu 14th Oct 2021
We're making some changes to school buses in Dundee from Monday 25 October 2021...
Temporary Timetable Changes
2 years ago Fri 24th Sep 2021
We're making some temporary timetable changes from Monday 4 October to reduce the impact of a shortage of drivers.
Direct Debit Scheme Relaunching
2 years ago Tue 3rd Aug 2021
We're pleased to announce that our monthly direct debit scheme will be relaunching soon...
Summer Service Review 2021
2 years ago Thu 22nd Jul 2021
We're making some timetable adjustments from Monday 16 August 2021...
Direct Debit Update #3
2 years ago Tue 29th Jun 2021
Latest update on development of the new monthly direct debit scheme...