Temporary Timetable Changes

2 years ago Fri 24th Sep 2021

We're making some temporary timetable changes from Monday 4 October to reduce the impact of a shortage of drivers.  

The issue, which is currently being experienced by bus operators across Scotland and the rest of the UK, is putting additional pressure on the business and, at times, is impacting on service. Our team are working hard to try and minimise any disruption for passengers. 

Our MD, Christine McGlasson, says: “There are various reasons for this industry-wide issue, including the ongoing challenges of Covid and self isolation, issues with DVLA and recruitment, and a natural turnover of the workforce, compounded by stiff competition for driving jobs across various sectors, not least the haulage sector which is facing its own shortages. 

“We are very reluctantly changing the frequency of some of our services in order to try and improve reliability across the network. We believe that it is vital, above all, to ensure that our customers can rely on our service to get them to where they need to go as scheduled. I want to emphasise that this is a short-term measure and we hope to restore full frequencies as soon as the situation stabilises.”   

Up-to-date timetables will be made available online, in the app and at our Travel Centre. In particular, we'd suggest using the app for planning ahead -- use it to plan your journey, track buses on the map, and buy tickets in advance.

Check our your timetable below

Service 1 here

Services 5/5a here

Service 6 here

Services 9/10 here

Service 17 here

Service 18 here

Service 22 here

Service 28 here

Service 32 here

Service 33 here

Any other services not listed above are not changing, so will continue to run their normal timetables.