The next steps of our journey in Dundee

1 month ago Thu 19th Oct 2023

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We are excited to build a better Xplore Dundee - not just as an employer, but as your local service provider too. This isn’t about words, it’s about actions.

We wanted to update you on how we are getting on since we announced our plans of action over the summer. We have launched Project Boost - our programme of actions to improve our services further, all in the aim of making buses better and attracting more people of Dundee back on board. 

  • We are exploring new electric, double deck bus design with three trials of three new models taking place between October and November. Look out for these on the 28 route - and let us know what you think


  • Six newer, dedicated double-deck buses are now in operation on the 1 to St Marys - which means higher, consistent standards and more seats


  • Lower emissions across the fleet. The newer buses on the 1 (along with a further two) will mean older vehicles can be withdrawn. These newer buses are to Euro VI standard, with 96% less NOx pollutants than the vehicles they replace


  • Five similar buses will be introduced to routes 32 and 33 to Fintry and Whitfield, bringing more capacity and more space on board on these busy routes too


  • A more consistent approach to how we plan and allocate our double-deck and single-deck buses is now in place


  • We have begun improvements to our shop at Commercial Street in the city centre to make buying tickets and getting information as easy as possible - new, longer opening hours will be introduced in November just in time for the busy Christmas season 


  • We said we’d improve the website and booking system for our Fly coach connection to Edinburgh Airport – this is almost complete and will be launched before the end of the year 


  • We said we’d be committed to enhanced information at busy stops and on buses, with paper maps and timetables more widely distributed. These are now available on buses and new maps also posted at city centre stops. More is to come on this as we now start a programme of cleaning and improving information at all stops and shelters right across the city


  • A long-term wage deal that will pay up to £31,000 a year to drivers from 2024 is now in place and we are well-staffed with cancellations at a minimum 


  • Continued improvements to our working environment and fresh commitments are in place between ourselves and Unite, our trade union


  • And, our fresh new identity has started to appear on our buses on the 1, with the same coming to the 32 and 33 - with more to follow as we approach the end of the year 


We hope this update is useful and illustrates our passion for making things better for you. As ever, we don’t always necessarily have all the best ideas, which is why we want to hear any of your views and suggestions too – email [email protected] to get in touch.