Service Changes from 14 March 2022

1 year ago Fri 25th Feb 2022

The local bus network has experienced some unfortunate disruption from the ongoing effects of a national driver shortage and local staff absences. Despite the best efforts of our team to cover as much work as possible, we regret that some journeys have been missed and that this has had an impact on our passengers.

Our aim is to run a reliable service for Dundee. That's why we're doing everything we possibly can to alleviate the situation and get ourselves back on a sound, strong footing. The past two years haven't been easy; not only with the wide-ranging effects of Covid, but also thanks to other social and economic reasons. These things are influencing all our lives in all sorts of ways - and unfortunately Xplore Dundee is not immune to their consequences. In spite of these challenges, our team continues to carry thousands of passengers safely and successfully to their destinations.

We want to assure you of our intentions to build back up again - better than ever. Here's a summary of what we're doing, and what we've got planned:

Driver recruitment

We're looking for new drivers to join our team, with experienced PCV licence-holders and brand-new trainees all welcome to apply. Choose a new challenge and play your part in keeping Dundee moving:

  • Earn £13 per hour
  • Boost earnings with overtime opportunities
  • Get free bus and coach travel for you and your partner
  • Benefit from job security, a company pension and life cover
  • Enjoy 28 days of holiday per year

New drivers are already going through the training programme, and they'll be out on the road as soon as they're fully qualified. We still need more people to join our team before we can reach our goal of restoring full-frequency timetables across the network. Do you think you've got the 'X-Factor', or perhaps know someone who does? Then check out our careers page and find out how to apply!

New timetables

From Monday 14 March 2022, we'll temporarily adjust timetables to realistic levels so that our services are more reliable. We'll keep running as many buses as we can, in-line with staff availability. We believe (and we hope you'll agree) that a reliably reduced service in the short-term is better than cancelling journeys at short notice.

  • Each core route will run every 15 mins during the day on weekdays
  • Timetables on weekday evenings and Saturdays will not change
  • And buses will continue to run every half-hour during the day on Sundays, before scaling down to hourly departures after 6pm on Sunday evenings
  • The service 10 journeys to/from Harris Academy will be withdrawn (but with alternative journeys possible on services 4s, 5s, 6s or 10s)

As we ramp up recruitment efforts (outlined above), we'll add journeys to our busiest routes just as soon as new drivers can be deployed behind the wheel.

We thank you for your patience and understanding as we work to make things better. Don't forget: you can use the app to plan ahead by checking timetables, tracking buses and following live updates.