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Today 05:00 - 23:59

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We're sorry for any disruption caused to your journey as a result of staff being unavailable. This is part of an ongoing national issue which is being compounded by sickness absences. We're doing our best to work around these things. Please allow extra time for travelling (as any buses being missed may have a knock-on effect to other buses in service).

To help you plan ahead, try using the map to track buses live. Please also refer below to the list of journeys (or part-journeys) which will not operate. Please check these details throughout the day for any updates.


From Ninewells : 1435, 1815
From Claypotts : 1620

From Ninewells: 1559, 1823, 1958 (resumes High Street 2017), 2025, 2155, 2321
From Craigowl: 1704, 1911, 1941, 2111, 2241