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Viewing the timetable for service 2

City Centre to Kingsway Retail Park
via The Glens, The Stack & Dryburgh
  • Dens Road closure - Diversion on multiple services

    3rd Jun 2024 onwards

    Due to emergency roadworks, we are unable to serve Dens Road between Dura Street and Arthurstone terrace. Diversion as follows:

    Service 1 | 2 | 18 | 22 | 23: Away From City Centre: Normal Route from Dens Road, right at Arthurstone terrace, left at Brown Constable Street, left at Dura Street, 2nd exit onto dens road, normal route from dens road.

    Service 1 | 2 | 18: Towards City Centre: Normal Route from Dens Road, 3rd exit back onto Dens Road, left at Alexander Street, left at Hilltown, right at Victoria road, normal route at Victoria Road.

    Service 22: Towards City Centre: Service: Normal route from Dens road, 1st exit at Dura Street, right at Brown Constable Street, left at Arthurstone Terrace, Normal route from Arthurstone Terrace.

    Service 17 | 32 | 33: Away From City Centre: Normal Route from Dens Road, right at Arthurstone terrace, left at Maitland Street, right at Dura Street, Normal route from Dura Street.

    Service 17 | 32 | 33: Towards City Centre: No diversion.

    Service 1 | 2 | 18 : Missed stops: Dens Road, at Cowan Street (Inbound only); Dens road, at Victoria Street (Inbound only); Wellgate Steps (Inbound only).

    Service 1 | 2 | 18 : Alternate stops: Dens Road, at Alexander Street; Hilltown opp McDonald Street. Buses will not be permitted to stop anywhere except bus stops that are clearly marked with a bus stop flag.

    Service 22: Missed stop: Dens road, at Cowan Street (Inbound only).

    Service 17: Missed stop: Dura Street, at Dens Road (Outbound only).

    Service 22 | 17: Alternate stops: Arthurstone Terrace, at Erskine Street.

    Service 23 | 32 | 33: Missed stops: None.

    We apologise for any inconvenience that may cause, however this is outwith our control.

Route map

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Service 2Service 2Service 2Service 2Service 2
Albert Square 09:10 10:10 11:10 12:10 13:10
Main Street at Hilltown 09:18 10:18 11:18 12:18 13:18
The Stack in Lochee 09:25 10:25 11:25 12:25 13:25
Langshaw Road 09:29 10:29 11:29 12:29 13:29
Kingsway Retail Park 09:34 10:34 11:34 12:34 13:34

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