Concessionary travel

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Free travel for over 60’s and disabled 

In Scotland, everyone get’s a special birthday gift when they turn 60; the gift of free bus travel in Scotland with a National Entitlement Card (N.E.C). Seniors can travel on buses throughout Scotland including the whole network here in Dundee, however some premium services like night buses and sightseeing buses will not accept N.E.C but a discounted concession rate may apply. Likewise, people with disabilities may be eligible for free travel allowing them to get around.

There are no restrictions on when and how often you can travel using your National Entitlement Card, so whether you are socialising with friends, pursuing a hobby, or simply visiting your local shops; All you need to do is hop on the bus, place your card on the card reader, let the driver know your destination; take a seat and enjoy the ride.

How to apply for your N.E.C

The application process may take up to a few weeks, so you can apply for your National Entitlement Card online up to 2 weeks before your 60th birthday so you are ready to go come the big day. Discover the freedom of a bus pass and apply for your National Entitlement Card here.

More information about the N.E.C can be found on the Transport for Scotland Website.

If you require assistance with your application form, you can email [email protected] or call 01382 433267.

Please note, we are not obliged to provide replacement travel for cards which have been lost or stolen; in this event, tickets must be paid for at the adult ticket price, if you require a replacement N.E.C you can apply for your replacement card here.