FLY to Edinburgh Airport


Direct, non-stop luxury when you FLY to Edinburgh Airport with Xplore Dundee.

Fly non-stop between Dundee and Edinburgh Airport every 90 minutes!

This direct coach link really is the business. Sit back and relax in reclining seat luxury as we whisk you straight to departures in up to 80 minutes non-stop. 

The journey is quick and comfy, and is the only direct public transport link to the airport from Dundee city centre, making it the best way to start (and end) your holiday. Click here to view a route map.

Book best value with us

Make a booking online, if you wish to change you booking you can through Fly Flex.

Introducing Fly Flex - Flexible Booking for your Convience! 

With Fly Flex, you can now amend your bookings online from the comfort of your own home - making changes to your bookings is now easier than ever! 

Fly Flex is an optional add-on available during the online booking process. For just £1, you can enjoy the flexibility of changing your booking anytime within 30 days of your orginial booking date. 

How to use Fly Flex

  1. Select Fly Flex During Bookings: When booking online, simply add Fly Flex to your booking for only £1.
  2. Amend your Booking: If you need to change your booking, log into your account on With Fly Flex, you can easily modify your booking details within 30 days of the orginigal booking date. 
  3. Enjoy Hassle Free Changes: Make changes from anywhere, anytime, through Fly Flex.

Fly is the best value way to travel, with discounts available for bookings made up to one week in advance.

Youngsters, seniors and disabled people go free with a valid NEC. A standard £1 fee applies to all individual bookings (both paid and concessionary). It is possible to buy a ticket from the driver on the day, but we do recommend booking ahead to avoid disappointment.

Advance Fares (buy up to one week before travel)  Standard Fares (buy less than one week before travel) 
  Single Return     Single  Return
Adult £16.90 £22   Adult £23 £28.50
Child £10.50 £14   Child £15 £18.50
Student £14.50 £20   Student £18 £24
Family £47 £63   Family  £58 £73

Round the clock timetable 

Fly runs around the clock, with a 24-hr timetable with coaches leaving every 90 minutes from Dundee Union Street and Edinburgh Airport departures. 

DEP Dundee ARR Edinburgh DEP Edinburgh ARR Dundee
0001 0121 0130 0250
0130 0250 0300 0420
0300 0420 0430 0550
0430 0550 0600 0720
0600 0720 0730 0850
0730 0850 0900 1020
0900 1020 1030 1150
1030 1150 1200 1320
1200 1320 1330 1450
1330 1450 1500 1620
1500 1620 1630 1750
1630 1750 1800 1920
1800 1920 1930 2050
1930 2050 2100 2220
2100 2220 2230 2350
2230 2350 0001 0121

Current timetable (effective 25 October 2022)

Luggage Allowance