Xplore Dundee's Biggest Little Bus Fan

2 months ago Fri 29th Mar 2024

biggest little fan

Do you know any little people who love our buses and what we do? We’re on the hunt to find our Biggest Little Bus Fan!

The lucky winner will get the chance to become Xplore Dundee's Mini MD for the day with a VIP behind-the-scenes look at how we make our wheels on the bus go round and round, and to learn about all the hard work that goes on in our garages and control centres.

Make your nomination!

We need a grown up to nominate our first ever Xplore Dundee Biggest Little Bus Fan using our entry form below. Let us know why they should win and include any photos, videos or pictures they’ve drawn to support the entry. Nominees must be under 12 and be available to attend our Big Bus Show on 4th May.

Entries close on Friday 26th April and the Xplore Dundee board will judge all the entries, with the winner announced at our Big Bus Show on 4th May. Come along to find out who was crowned this year’s winner, check here for more details about the Big Bus Show.

What Can You Win?

The title of the Xplore Dundee Biggest Little Bus Fan comes with some fantastic prizes, including:

VIP for the Day: Become Mini MD for a day, with our team at your beck and call, ensuring you get a fab close-up look at how we run Xplore Dundee and keep our wheels turning. You’ll spend time meeting our team, touring our depot and learning more about your favourite bus company. We’ll show you lots, like how we get our buses ready for another day of getting customers where they need to be, our control centre that watches out for traffic and problems on the road, how we train our drivers, repaint our buses, keep them clean and well maintained and so much more.

Xplore Dundee Goodies: Of course we’ll have some great goodies for our Biggest Little Fan to take away and remember their day.

Free monthly pass: We’ll also give the parent or guardian of our Biggest Little Fan a free monthly pass!

Enter now

If you think a special someone you know has what it takes to be crowned the Biggest Little Bus Fan, simply use our entry form below to submit the nomination.

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Good luck!