Welcome Assistance Pass for Refugees

6 months ago Wed 25th May 2022

Xplore Dundee is teaming up with Dundee City Council to offer a month of free bus travel to refugees who adopt the city as their new home.

From Monday 30 May 2022, a new 'Welcome Assistance Pass' will offer free and unlimited bus travel to refugees for up to a month after they arrive in Dundee. The scheme will be co-sponsored by Dundee City Council and Xplore Dundee, giving access to the city's local bus network. The offer of free bus travel is aimed at making it easier for people to settle into new surroundings.

The Welcome Assistance Pass will initially be rolled out to Ukrainian refugees. Going forward, however, this new scheme will apply to people fleeing war or persecution from anywhere in the world. Dundee has a long tradition of welcoming those seeking safety - most recently including families from Syria, Afghanistan and Ukraine. Xplore Dundee also recently participated in a national effort to offer free onward travel to those coming in through both the railway station and Edinburgh Airport.

The pass is only available to those known to Dundee City Council, who then confirm eligibility to Xplore Dundee. Refugees who arrive with the assistance of third-party agencies or the family visa scheme should contact their agency support worker, who in turn can contact Dundee City Council's Humanitarian Protection Team. This scheme does not currently apply to refugees temporarily housed in hotels; they must be officially assigned to local accommodation to qualify.

Xplore Dundee's Director/General Manager, David Phillips, said: "We're pleased to be working with colleagues at Dundee City Council to make life that little bit easier for people coming to this country because of conflict at home. Moving to a strange city is a big thing for anybody, especially if you're not doing it through choice. So our hope is that the 'Welcome Assistance Pass' will help them find their way around town before long."

Dundee City Council Leader, John Alexander, said: "Our Humanitarian Protection Team, working closely with colleagues in Xplore Dundee, are confident that this offer will be of great assistance to those resettling in the city.

"We are committed to doing everything we can to make Dundee a warm and welcoming city and I hope this offer will help refugees make Dundee their home."