More buses, better times for the 1, 5, 5A & 22

Dundee bus

We're adding more buses to bring you more reliable journeys across Dundee.

From the 27th May, we will: 

* Improve our evening timetable on the 1 to & from St Mary's to make us more reliable.

* Add more buses on the 5 & 5A to improve our timekeeping.

* Increase the Frequency of the 22 to every 12 minutes Monday - Friday and every 15 minutes on a Saturday.

* Buses on the 22 feature free wifi and USB charging points at each seat. It’s a great way to get about our city in comfort, style and - now - added convenience.

Need more information? Get in touch here and check out your new timetable online or on our app - Just pop in the date your need.