Festive Cheer as Xplore Dundee Provides Dundee Youth Club with Free Pantomime Transport

2 months ago Thu 21st Dec 2023

Dundee Panto


Festive Cheer as Xplore Dundee Provides Dundee Youth Club with Free Pantomime Transport

Oh yes they did!

Xplore Dundee were delighted to support the Community Learning and Development (CLD) Youth Team with free transport to take a group of teenagers to the pantomime last Thursday.

The children and staff members were looking forward to Sleeping Beauty at the Whitehall Theatre, but had no available funding for transport to get there. Xplore Dundee were happy to step in and provide a free bus and a festive goodie bag full of sweet treats to enjoy during the pantomime.

Stephen Riggans, General Manager at Xplore Dundee said: “We were proud to be able to help out the CLD Youth team, who do an excellent job supporting children in Dundee.

“We didn’t want the group to miss the pantomime so with it being the season of giving, Xplore Dundee provided free transport from the Finmill Centre to the Whitehall Theatre, and the panto was back on!”

Community Learning and Development Youth Worker, Carrie Livie, said: ”We try our best to secure funding to provide activities all year round, and trips during holiday periods with no cost to the Young Person. We were lucky enough to provide tickets to 49 young people from the North East Area but couldn't secure funding for transport. Thankfully reaching out to Xplore they kindly provided free transport there and back as well as goodie bags to all attending the panto.”

Some of the kids added: ‘We had a great night at the panto, it was even better that we had the bus to ourselves.”

Xplore Dundee are working to building a better bus company, with the aim making buses better and attracting more people of Dundee back on board. Part of this initiative involves supporting local charities and organisations and working with local business to encourage more people to use public transport.