Boom in Passengers on Xplore Dundee's Fly Service to Edinburgh Airport

5 months ago Thu 4th Jan 2024

Fly Edinburgh


Xplore Dundee’s FLY service – the leading transport option between Dundee and Edinburgh Airport – has reported a 50% surge in passengers during 2023.

The boom in holidaymakers choosing to use FLY comes as Xplore Dundee prepares to introduce several new enhancements to the service during 2024.

A new website will shortly launch which is aimed to not only improve the booking process but also keep customers better informed about services, including timetabling and real-time updates about any issues that could affect their journey.

During 2023, FLY services covered more than 500,000 miles between the City of Discovery and Edinburgh Airport – an increase of 20% on 2022.

FLY operates every 90 minutes, 24 hours a day, transporting passengers in comfort on a fleet hi-spec Mercedes coaches.

Xplore Dundee’s Director & General Manager, Stephen Riggans, said the company is aiming to grow passenger numbers again during 2024 to help Dundonians enjoy the perfect start to their getaway from Edinburgh Airport.

Stephen said: “We’ve been thrilled with how FLY has been performing and the 50% increase in passengers last year is testament to the quality of service that we’ve been able to provide to both new and repeat customers.

“As both domestic and international travel got back underway post-Covid, we were determined to build a great transport option that passengers could enjoy both before and after their flight at Edinburgh Airport.

“More and more passengers are choosing to leave their cars at home rather than park at the airport because FLY is providing a great value and comfortable service. The 20% increase in mileage is an indication of increased demand from Dundonians that we have been ready to meet.

“The new enhancements to our website will soon make it easier for passengers to get their tickets, access their booking information and track our services in real-time.

“It is one further step towards enhancing the overall FLY experience and we firmly believe it will help us to deliver even more journeys during 2024.”