Six Simple Steps for Getting Back on the Bus

We're ready to welcome you back on-board! But we realise that things have changed since the last time many of you ventured out and about. So we've put together six simple steps for getting back on the bus, to help you find your way and feel comfortable doing it.

Step 1: Check out our enhanced safety programme

We're doing everything we can to keep your buses safe.

Since the pandemic began, we've been running a more rigorous hygiene regime. Alongside the usual sweeping, wiping and periodic deep-cleaning, we've also introduced disinfectant fogging (which stays active for up to 24 hours) and touch-point cleaning at Ninewells Hospital.

Every bus is now fitted with air filters which help to 'stop the spread' by filtering out microbes and other particles. And there are limits on seating, with rear-facing seats cordoned off and everybody else advised to sit facing forward.

You can find out more about staying safe on your journey here.

Step 2: Download the new app

In February, we launched a brand-new app to help you plan and pay for your journey in advance. We introduced a series of route changes at the start of the year, and increased timetables took effect this spring. But don't worry - all the information you need to wrap your head around what's new is available in one place on the app.

Not only does the app show you where your bus will go, it shows you where it is - because you can track it's location live on the map. That means you don't need to leave the house until you know the bus is on its way.

You can find out more and download it here.

Step 3: Remember your face covering

Stopping the spread starts with all of us. Wearing a face covering on the bus is mandatory (unless a valid medical exemption applies). Please work with us to look after yourself and others.

Step 4: Pay using mTickets or contactless if you can

Not only is it quicker and easier for you as a passenger (say goodbye to scraping together change for the exact fare) - it is also safer for our staff. Bus drivers may not have to handle cash, but there are other colleagues behind the scenes who do. You'll be helping us look after them if there's less physical money to touch.

Step 5: Use the 'busy bus' indicator

We've added a new feature to the app in time for lockdown beginning to lift. You'll be able to get an idea of how busy your bus is before it arrives, to help you stay safe and comfortable. Plus, full frequencies are running on all our busiest routes - meaning (if need be) it won't be long to wait until the next one.

Download the app to give it a go.

Step 6: Visit our Travel Centre

Our team are happy to help as always with any questions you might have about routes, timetables or tickets. Visit our Travel Centre on Commercial Street - open from 1000 to 1400 on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays.

One more thing...

Welcome back on-board, and happy travelling!